Angela Costigan, children's author

About Me

I really am very small.   

Each time I put a hat on my head, I resemble a toadstool in a fairy garden.  Exhibit A shown herein.


And shoes?  Pfft.  The shops never have my fairy foot size.  Long boots?  Forget it.  Maybe if this 'children's author' thing falls through, I could go into business making long boots for little legs.   There's a definite market, believe me.

For such a pint sized person I do have a rather large imagination, which comes in handy when you're an aspiring children's author.   

You see, I like books.   I like looking at them, reading them, holding them, balancing my tea cup on them, placing them in little hands, and for the past few years - I've liked writing them.

Perhaps one day I'll be placing one of my books in a little person's hand, either that or it will be a boot on their foot...